5 Day Certified Equine Ergonomist Course with Jochen Schleese

5 Day Certified Equine Ergonomist Course with Jochen Schleese

21 Jan 09:00 - 25 Jan 17:00 - Milton Keynes
Bryerley Springs Equestrian Centre


We're thrilled to be holding another Certified Equine Ergonomist Course in the UK with Jochen Schleese.

The location will be confirmed in the next few weeks, but please contact us to register your interest if you'd like more details as they become available.

Equine Ergonomics studies the interaction of working horse and rider in motion utilizing theory, principles, data and evaluation techniques.

The goal of the Equine Ergonomist is to maximize the health, well-being, performance, and productivity of both horse and rider in motion, taking into account equipment design, abilities and limitations of horse and rider, and the saddle as interface. Proper ergonomic design helps to prevent injuries which may develop over time, possibly leading to long‐term disability.

The term Equine Ergonomist has been trademarked by Saddlefit 4 Life®. These are equine professionals of all areas who have taken the first series of courses and have learned to capably diagnose saddle fit issues based on symptomatic behavior experienced by the horse. They can measure and have had significant experience using the S4L evaluation forms in analyzing saddle fit. They will then refer the rider to either a retailer, saddler, or a saddle ergonomist, who will work with them to make the necessary adjustments or offer alternative solutions. They educate the rider to give him/her the knowledge to make an informed decision. The Equine Ergonomist is not trained to actually adjust a saddle at this stage, however are acting as advocates of the horse with an unbiased analysis of the situation to supervise the proper adjustments made.

Read an Interview with an Equine Ergonomist here and for more information about Jochen Schleese and the Saddlefit4life philosophy click here
Enrolment Criteria
Course Contents

Includes both theoretical classroom instruction and in-barn hands-on demos and practice

Anatomy of horse and rider, saddle support area, ‘reflex’ points resulting in negative reactions

Static saddle fit to the horse and demo of dynamic saddle fit evaluation

Equine ergonomics, measuring the horse, rider and saddle

Philosophy of Saddlefit 4 Life, brief intro to historical and technological perspectives, anatomy of horse and rider, saddle support area, negative ‘reflex’ points in detail and with practice, static saddle fit to horse and demo of dynamic saddle fit evaluation.

Each student receives a workbook, 2 DVDs (one to keep one to share), and the e-guide

How to obtain a detailed horse description


To take part on this course you must have either:
a) Completed the Principles Course


b) Hold the SMS QSF or MSFC Qualification


c) Provide evidence of being an independent Saddle Fitter, with a minimum of two years experience


Have read Suffering in Silence by Jochen Schleese

* If you are unsure of any of these requirements, please feel free to contact us here *

Assessing saddle fit to horse and rider (how a saddle affects the rider’s position and how the rider then affects the horse), tree angle and width

Assessing static and dynamic fit

Assessing saddle condition, considering the various disciplines and saddle manufacturers

Formulating viable solutions, and testing. Students completing this course successfully will be able to purchase the measurement tools to do the externship required to become a Certified Equine Ergonomist (see Pricing for tool kit cost)

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