SOM SAA 2ND Birthday!

SOM SAA 2ND Birthday!

21 Apr 23:00 - 22 Apr 03:00 - London
som saa


On April 21st well be celebrating our second birthday, who'd of thunk it eh?

From 11pm we'll have Lexus Blondin and Lagnero from Dalston's Total Refreshment Centre slamming out a heavy mix of Afro boogie, mutant disco and Brazilian funk.

On the food front we'll have our friends from Breddos Tacos slanging some Thai inspired Mexican goodies. Like Tex-Mex but Thai and wayyyy better. Get a load of this...

Midnight fried chicken with fermented chilli de arbol
Herb and mushroom milanese, larb spices, salsa matcha tostado
Chicharrons with shrimp paste relish.

to name a few...

The bar will be bashing out the late night cocktails, along with a version of 'ya-dong' a Thai infused rice wine and of course Breddos Tacos have got a couple of gems up their sleeves which will get you dancing on the tables.

Eating 11pm - 1:30am
Drinking and dancing 11pm - 3am

See you there!

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