'The Calling' 1 day Course

'The Calling' 1 day Course

15 Feb 10:00 - 17:00 - London
Al Fitrah


Da'wah and the act of inviting to Islam is an obligatory tenant of faith, enjoined upon all who ascribe to Islam as the truth. However, as with all disciplines, Da'wah is one that needs to be mastered for it to have any effect. This course aims to equip the student with everything they'll need to venture into the world and present Islam and belief in Allah to others, in a compelling and appealing manner. Drawing from examples old, prophetic and contemporary, the human psychology is dissected to allow you to understand just what aspect of a person's heart or mind you'll need to temper into to become an effective Da'ee - Caller to Faith.


Unit 1: Niyaah - Intentions
Unit 2: Ikhlaas - Sincerity

Unit 3: Ilm - Knowledge
Unit 4: Sidq and Amaanah - Truthfulness and Trust
Unit 5: Sabr - Patience
Unit 6: Basheer - Giver of Glad Tidings
Unit 7: Baseerah and Hikmah - Awareness and Wisdom
Unit 8: Faith and Tawhid

Question: Why 2020? Because we never want it to end insha'Allah.

Actually, we want to keep using the event page. Better than creating a new event page every time we do the course or seminar. Best to just edit this event page over and over. What you think?

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