Open Grand Canyon Trek (24 Aug - 01 Sep 2018)

Open Grand Canyon Trek (24 Aug - 01 Sep 2018)

24 Aug 12:00 - 01 Sep 15:00 - London
Action Challenge


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This stunning 5 day trek is a real adventure! After flying into Las Vegas, we make our way to the Grand Canyon Village, where we see the canyon at its most magnificent. The following days see us hike into the canyon along the classic Bright Angel and Kaibab Trails and explore the iconic Zion National Park. This challenge is to a remote corner of North America that will without a doubt take your breath away. After five days of trekking, we travel back to the glamour of Las Vegas to celebrate the end of the challenge in style and explore this iconic city.

Here you can meet your fellow trekkers prior to meeting at the airport! Share training and kit ideas, hints, tips and photos online.

Should you have any questions, please email us at

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