Mindfulness, Meditation and Restoration

Mindfulness, Meditation and Restoration

14 Aug 14:00 - 17:00 - Etchingham
Tipi Yoga


Relax in the Tipi on a lazy late summer Sunday afternoon with Karin.

The workshop is suitable for anyone of any ability, age or experience. Truly suitable for beginners and those who wish to unwind and learn to be more mindful in their practice.

Beginning with a 30 minute grounding ceremony with simple pranayama (breath) practice for rejuventation. Pranayama benefits range from stress relief, lowered blood pressure, increased clarity of mind and weight loss to curing asthma (witnessed first hand at Tipi Yoga) and extending life expectancy.
To follow, a slow, mindful, moving practice to release and warm the body - this practice will be of a restorative and Yin background and will use bolsters, cushions and blankets to truly allow you to relax and hold postures with ease. For those of more established ability there will be options for more challenging asanas and for those with little experience there will be modifications to take.

And the final 45 minutes will be enjoyed with guided meditation. Karin will enable you to explore yourself, surrounded by the sounds of birds, a tibetan singing bowl, relaxing music and Karin's soothing voice you will find it easy to switch off and travel within.

Leaving you energised, fresh, calm and rejuvenated for the start of your week.

Price: £35
Time: 2pm-5pm
When: September 10th
Where: The Tipi, Tipi Yoga, Sheepstreet Lane, Etchingham

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