Mains Castle, Dundee SOLD OUT

Mains Castle, Dundee SOLD OUT

12 Oct 21:00 - 13 Oct 02:00 - Dundee
Mains Castle Dundee Ltd


The castle is reputed to be haunted, and manifestations are said to include unexplained voices, furniture being moved by itself, and dark presences. It is said to be home to the spirit of a woman brutally murdered by her husband, this eerie 16th century building is the setting for a number of other paranormal experiences with spirits of several ghostly occupants including a very young child, servants and former prisoners.

We love a spooky Scottish Castle, so why not join us as we seek out the Ghosts of Mains Castle and have 5hrs of the most fun you will ever have being scared!

Friday 12th October 2018

9pm to 2am


(Over 18s only, no pregnant ladies, no alcohol)

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